A Life Lesson Still Being Learned

My sensitive and introverted soul falls into a trap at times. My momma always told me, from a young age, that I am too tenderhearted.

I come across as quiet, easy going, caring, or too “soft.” Seemingly easy targets for those who feel empowered by belittling others. Relishing in the fact that their words can have power over me.

And because I internalize negativity more often than not, those demeaning comments can sink in deeply. If not careful, I can easily turn someone’s degrading remarks into manifested truths.

In the past, my intuition would tell me not to trust the words I heard, but I allowed these remarks to affect my self worth anyway. My soul would ache with shame and insecurity. Without consciously realizing, I’d eventually accept the words I heard as true. Making me feel unworthy of being happy. And what you accept as true, you live out.

After so many experiences of being put down and letting it fill my heart, I realized that this was unacceptable. My self-esteem is worth fighting for. I have the power to choose the words in which I live in. I will not allow it to change my soft heart or the way I show my love. I will still be one that cares too deeply and loves with all I have. Some people will say anything to feel less insecure about themselves. Always try your best to take something positive from it. Let it help you grow.

You know how damaging those words are if you’ve ever fallen prey to those who belittle and have allowed their harsh words to penetrate the vulnerable parts of your mind and heart. The next time you’re on the receiving end just know people project their insecurites onto you. It is not a reflection of who you are. And remember when you throw out harsh words it should be a moment of an inward contemplation. Why are you lashing out?? Are the hurtful things you say going to make you or them feel any better?

Besides, ain’t no body got time for negativity! 😉 onward and upward is the way I will always go.

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