Dreamin’ Through the Winter Blues

It’s that time of year I always ache to feel the warmth of the sun. The allure of winter and all of its cozy lovely things has worn off. Holidays are over and winter blues have set in. Nothing this cold weather has left to bring is heart warming and the cold grey days have a major effect on my mood. The energy drains from my spirit and I need serious inner motivation just to set one foot outside.

So, I close my eyes and imagine a few summer daydreams to get me through these dreary days…

Seeing the sun peak over the golf course in my backyard after a night spent having a ❤ to ❤ with my love. There is so much comfort in the sounds that fill the summer air, composed of the sweet chirping of crickets and the ribbit of frogs. The colors blending in the heavens bringing with it a day of sunshine and laziness by the water.

The sun heating my skin as I listen to the distant giggling of my children splashing in the water. The warm breeze off the water emcompasses every part of me. I breath deeply enjoying every detail. The smell of the trees blowing in the wind, the feel of the water rushing over my feet, I soak it all up. As we walk the riverbanks collecting treasures I appreciate how beautiful these memories are. Seeing my children light up with smiles and excitement when making new discoveries! I love these moments.

After a long day in the sun, being throughly wore out, I hold my sweet babies. I brush my hand across their sun-kissed cheeks as they snuggle cozily into my arms. I watch the brilliant afternoon sky magically fade to dark finding myself so grateful I get to enjoy this perfection.

To put it into perspective I suppose I wouldn’t cherish these memories or look forward to them as much if I didn’t have this contrast of cold colorless days to compare it to. I don’t hate winter but, I definitely do not prefer it and I would be lying if I said it didn’t give me the blues.

I love watching the slow thawing of the earth during spring! The excitement and beauty of new growth makes me happy. I love things that fill my life with color. In the winter this color just comes in a different form. It comes from creating beautiful art and sharing that beauty with others. Daydreaming of summer haze and sunshine daze is helping me get through it tonight. Hopefully I have warmed your spirits and given you some happy thoughts to get through your winter blues.

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