Lettin’ It “Be”

One of the most painful experiences is learning to let go. Realizing that holding on fixes nothing, it doesn’t make for a better tomorrow, and is mentally exhausting. When we let things just “be” and let it live in the existence in which it was created we can grow to learn from the pain. Learn how to cope from what has happened and realize that every situation has a positive take away that will make you a better you.

People say that holding on changes nothing. I feel that’s not true. A lot changes when you can’t let things just “be”. It changes how you feel day to day, how you interact with others, how you cope with difficult situations.

Letting things “be” as they are, without agonizing over wishing it were different, leaves the room to put your focus elsewhere. Focusing on what’s actually worth your time and things you can change leads to a life not spent living in the past.

Let it be. Free yourself from the painful memories. Live your best life. 💙

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