Lil’ Place

My day was spent making plans, solving problems, dreaming of future what if’s with so many unforseens. I felt frazzled, my mind in a place of disarray. Not knowing how to organize my thoughts or what I needed to focus on first. I wanted my heart and head back in rhythm.

As the day wore on my agitation and anxiety consumed me….one thought kept repeating, “I just need to feel nature.” Close my eyes and let it win. It never lets me down or fails at calming me.

Finally I’m home. Only a short two minute walk. It’s the single, most pressing thought at this point. I imagine feeling its magic cure for all that clouds my mind.

I remove my shoes, my soles reach the soul of the earth. Instant bliss. Touching the water, even for a single minute, takes every stress away and sends it down river.

I know this river so well. I know its bends, I know its flow, and how it rises in the rain. I know the way it feels in every season and the beauty I always beg it to let me capture.

I took a deep breath as I watch the sky change color with its reflection. This is what it feels like to breath in color. A mood. A vibe. A shift begins to envelope me. The clouds and sun beautifully moving as the day just fades away…I wish I could create art as beautiful as this. I absolutely know I will never come close.

Life makes sense here in this little place that feels like mine but, is most definitely not. Free for all to enjoy but, my special place none the less. There is no limit on the amount of peace and clarity it can bring anyone quiet enough to listen. It gives rhythm back to my head and my heart follows. Thank you, “lil’ place”.

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