Fog Rider

He could sense her eagerness. She loved seeing the fog thicken and the lights outside illuminated in such a dreamy glow. She couldn’t wait to get out there and see if she could create anything beautiful from it. The stillness and its inherent nature to blanket everything was a feeling she ached for tonight.  It always  reminded her of the snow and its demand to make you slow down.
As she scurried about checking supplies off her mental list and collecting all the essentials needed she knew he was watching her.
She looked over, “You wanna come with me?”
“Do you want me to come with you?” He asked.
“What kind of question is that?! You can always come with me.”

She liked when she could bounce ideas around in the moment and alter what wasn’t working instantly. She was less inward and more daring and expressive when he joined her.
They quickly made it to their destination. Being so close to the house she contemplated walking but, the car would add an aspect that could be interesting.

She stepped out of the car to set up her composition. She already had an idea for what she wanted to accomplish. A certian vibe only fog like this could produce.

He lovingly obligated as she asked him to accommodate her whim. Her phone started to vibrate in her pocket… he’s right that would be easier than yelling. She answers without a greeting, going straight into what she needed him to do.
“Okay, drive straight at me….now re-position the car..stop. there.

Go back to where you were.
Now open the door…but, I want to see the break lights and the reflection off the pavement. So keep your foot on the break. Hold on….I don’t like this at all….”
“Ummm….let’s move. Angle the car parallel with my camera. The landscape and composition is what I want.

Okay. Keep your foot on the break again. I will rotate around you….un…til…..I see it….” she could see the image she wanted in her mind coming into frame.
“Is that good?”….
He listened on the other end of the line for her confirmation. She continued to ramble and fiddle with settings. She played with the exposure a bit. Always 3 or 4 images of the same scene at different shutter speeds..she became obsessive in moments like this.
She always knew when he was getting bored. He’d start teasing her…. “who’s that behind you….?” he asked.

Without hesitation and not breaking concentration, “I know damn well there is no one behind me. You’d be over faster than you could ask that if there was…..but I think I’ve got it!!! This is working out beautifully!! I think we’re good!”

“Wait, get close enough to see me through the passenger window before we leave.”
She’d taken countless images of him through the years. She loved capturing him in ways she hadn’t before. It was like seeing a side of him she may never have otherwise. He had always been a subject matter she enjoyed exploring. Their comfortability with one another made their photography intimate. She was happy with the images they created and happy he joined her.

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