I See You Beautiful ❤

To all the beautiful mommas out that being total badasses and making it look easy 💪 (even though it is the hardest most difficult damn thing we’ve ever done) I see you girl!

You’re amazing and I ❤ you. I love you for all the strength you show when you feel weak. I love you for being the safest place for your sweet babies to land. I love you for the pride you find in the way you care. I love that you will kick anyone’s ass if they mess with ya kid! 🤨

I love the unbelieveable support you give to what they love…even if it’s crazy boring…you’re there anyway. Our kids will run the world one day and we’re the ones raising them. When we support and nurture their passions they change the world!

I just love you because your awesome and deserve praise everyday for it! Especially on the day for Mothers. Brush yo’ shoulders off girl! Put up your feet and have a drinkie drink. Totally enjoy this wonderful weekend! I completely celebrate you and all you do! Ohhh, I love all you dad’s too! 😘🥰