These Moments

This is a watercolor painting of my daughter in a moment we shared one week into parenthood. The illumination is a perfect representation of the new parent high I was running on. And, of course includes that baby smell. ūüėČ I swear it’s like catnip for women!

How could I not be inspired by her beauty? As I slowly layered the colors I could feel incredible warmth coming from it. I knew I had accomplished exactly what I intended.

In these moments of creative clarity adrenaline fuels me. When I look at this painting I can imagine that memory perfectly. I feel her in my arms and can remember how the golden sun made its way across us.

That moment is perfection. Creating artwork that draws me in and keeps me intrigued is what makes it important for me. I love these moments. They are priceless.


My first spring photo session in 2018 and it was gorgeous! I got to meet the Natasha, Jacob, and adorable little Bentley at Orchard’s Park in Bentonville, Arkansas. I absolutely loved being able to document such a beautiful time in their lives, as they anticipate the arrival of baby sister Sophia!¬†It would be an understatement to say that the Wright family is ready to meet her!¬†

Natasha told me that they’ve never had ‘real’ photos taken before and she was so excited! I asked her to send me a few idea of what she was looking for to make sure that they got exactly what they wanted.¬†She sent me lots and lots of photo ideas! I always love when a client knows exactly what they want. Helps me give them the best photos possible and create photos they want to hang on their walls!



What is there not to love about pink flower crowns, a sweet boys givin’ momma kisses, and the yummy warmth of the spring sunshine?! Bentley was not shy about how excited he is to be a big brother!¬†There is always so much fun to have when photographing kids. I just love it! You get realness from kiddos that you don’t usually get from adults. You get goofiness and laughs! I always take on the challenge of getting them to open up to me and get the real smiles. The first thing that parents worry about is their kids having that fake smiles but, I make sure we get the real ones!!!¬†



I asked Bentley if he had a girlfriend. He quickly told me “No, ma’am….(held up his fingers and said)….I have two!”, then gave me this sly little look! I couldn’t help but laugh! What a little heartbreaker!!! Those big baby blues and that adorable little smile, momma is gonna be fighting the girls off!¬†



This beautiful lady definitely has the pregnancy glow! S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G in pink! Natasha and Jacob had the same photo taken right in this spot the day they got married! I love that we were able to recreate it for them as they are growing to a family of four!! Sooo, full of kisses, smiles, and lots of LOVE!